Ground Zero

Day One. Ground Zero. My MA Falmouth Photography course kicks off with a first entry in this journal. I am excited, curious and somewhat terrified all at once. What have I got myself into? Will I be up to the task? I guess the best antidote to such self-absorption is to go out and make some photographs, visit galleries, listen to lectures, take part in discussions and read some interesting books.

I am going to try to concentrate on new thinking, new ideas and experiments, new images in this journal. I do not want to include too much here that I’ve already done before. Dragging along the assumptions and habits of the past is a block to learning so it’s time to let them go, at least for now. I am sure some will manage to sneak back in again. This is about starting over and starting fresh, seeing fresh in fact. In one word: change.

I am going to ask a wise companion to come with me on the journey, however, at least in my imagination. I love animals of all kinds and I particularly love the much misunderstood wolf. So here we are: my partner on the road, a gentle giant called Massak (Labradoran Inuit for Soft Snow) I believe.

Mark Crean: An Arctic Wolf
Mark Crean (12 January 2018): An Arctic Wolf at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust