Week 4 Collaboration: Colours of the Night

My Week 4 collaboration project was with Kimmi, Mike and Paul. The theme was Colours of the Night. This allowed us to compare and contrast four different cities since we each live in one: Bristol, Reading, Oxford and Seville.

We all did some research into the photographers and influences which interested us. Then we compared notes. We arranged to go out and shoot early in the week and to keep an eye on the colour palettes in our environments, then pool and compare images, then go out and shoot again, compare again, and finally make a selection of 4-5 images each. In the meantime, and having pooled our ideas and influences, we were able to write them up as introduction and background to the project. We elected to present as a website page rather than as a pdf. A website allows big, colourful views and perhaps is the better choice for this subject.

Our ideas were various and included the work of the photographers David Egan, Todd Hido, Patrick Joust, Rut Blees Luxembourg, Jeff Brouws and Harry Gruyaert.

What did I learn? Well, how to have fun for a start. Also that background research matters and that frequent pooling and evaluation of shared work matters – in a spirit of positive critical assessment. There is no other way to produce something which fits together and where images from different photographers flow smoothly. I am pleased that we were able to write up our research. This allowed us to introduce the project, ground it in a point of view and offer a fuller experience to the viewer. That’s the difference between an essay and a rather random assortment of images.

A positive reception at the webinar but for me two things emerged: first that fewer images might have made a stronger presentation and second that a bit more mix ‘n’ match in the sequence of images might have helped too.

At the time of writing, our collaboration is available at this link: https://www.thepadilla.com/colours-of-the-night/

The final images I contributed to our project are below

Mark Crean ( 17 October 2019): Colours of the Night