Week 4 Reflection

A challenging week but I really enjoyed myself. We were asked for brief reactions to the collaboration projects presented this week by my cohort. All these projects created something that could only have been brought to life as a collaboration. Stronger together than apart.

Collaboration – Drew and James

Two contrasting portraits show how even small changes in body language and gesture can alter everything. So, what is identity and how is it conveyed? A very effective collaboration.

Kaleidoscope of Colours – Jasmine, Justin and Matthew

The idea of evoking an emotional response through changes in the “kaleidoscope” of the colour spectrum produced in me the response: Excitement! This is the world eye and brain could never see until the invention of microscopy, photography and modern electronics.

Daily Commute – Chris and Jacy

Pleasant abstract touches, humorous, delicate, lovely colour palette. A collaboration that makes a point about crowds and people in boxes gently and with subtlety.

Erupting – Clare, De, Lor and Victoria

Muted, earthy tones, the images go well together and all make me wonder what’s going on and can I know more please. A simple idea but with many connections leading from it and the potential for strong social comment in terms of the eruption of concrete and human activity in natural landscapes.

Light at Night – Isabelle, Hans and Marcel

Very atmospheric with images that work really well together. There’s a strange, otherworldly air of waiting, not knowing and emptiness to the images. This is a night without people, perhaps just with ghosts (or photographers). I love the poem by Rilke.

Tracing Light – Lauren and Tim

A classic but very clever collaboration of images and text. Top quality in both cases. Images and text cross-comment on one another – very skilful – so meanings are constantly shifting and deepening. Thus the viewer is challenged and, being challenged, participates. “There never was and never will be one true version” (Daniel Meadows).

Adapted Spaces – Andy, Phil and Ross

What do we mean by “space” and how can anyone “use” something that’s apparently empty and which doesn’t really exist? I love these ideas. A neat idea and the images fit together. In fact as the images show, little is empty and what’s apparently unused is claimed by others. I just don’t look closely enough to notice.

Colours of the Night – Kimmi, Mark, Mike and Paul

This was the project I took part in. Comments on a separate post except to thank Mike for his hard work and generous offer of hosting on his website.