PHO705 Week 13: Oxfordshire Artweeks

I am exhibiting some of my work in progress as part of a group exhibition in the 2021 Oxfordshire Artweeks festival (Oxfordshire ArtWeeks 2021), though this year it has to be online (from 01 to 23 May). I am showing as part of the collective to which I belong, Oxford Photographers. This will be the sixth year running we have managed to exhibit as a group although normally we do so physically in central Oxford.

My offering is a first attempt to string together the story of Bartholomew Steer and the Oxfordshire Rising of 1596 and see how it sits with peers and public. Results so far are favourable. People understand from images and captions what the project is about and what I am trying to do. This is all good practice.

We are exhibiting in the form of a series of galleries on Flickr (Oxford Photographers 2021). See fig. 1 for a screenshot of my own gallery.

Fig. 1: Mark Crean 2021
Fig. 1: Mark Crean 2021. A screenshot of my gallery as part of a virtual exhibition for Oxfordshire Artweeks.

For publicity, we have inserted a full entry into the Artweeks Catalogue (Oxfordshire Artweeks 2021) and we have run up a flyer – see fig 2. Normally this is printed and distributed to local homes, coffee shops and the like but this year it is for online use only on Instagram, Facebook and similar. This is further backed in some cases with individual videos on YouTube.

Fig. 2: Oxford Photographers 2021.
Fig. 2: Oxford Photographers 2021. A marketing flyer for an exhibition during Oxfordshire Artweeks 2021.

A physical exhibition is much more satisfying, of course, and since we offer a visitor’s book at our physical exhibitions we often obtain better feedback than we do online. Counting visitors as clicks on social media tells you how many viewers you have, but it tells nothing about the quality of their experience and whether they are ever likely to return. Even so, this to me is part of preparing for my current project to go public, and I am very grateful to all at Oxford Photographers for the hard work involved in assembling this or any exhibition.


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Figure 2. OXFORD PHOTOGRAPHERS. 2021. A publicity flyer for the Oxford Photographers Artweeks 2021 online exhibition. Collection of the author.