PHO705 Weeks 20-21: Work in Progress

I had a monthly meeting with my supervisor this week.

We looked at the first proofs of my book of my project so far. The extent already comes to nearly 100 pages, so this is turning into quite a large project. The book needs a few revisions to both style and content, and we went through what to do. I have retained a designer to finalize the layouts which is both a weight off my mind and way of ensuring that the overall result is pleasing and competent.

Since my project will take at least a year to complete properly, this is very much an interim publication, a work in progress. However, I will gain a lot of experience from the process and I can use the book for market research among photographers, portfolio reviewers and interested local parties here. That should prove very useful. I am also lining up a paperback version as well as the hardback. A paperback will cost a lot less to print and therefore will be easier to use as marketing material or to give away.

I won’t post actual work in progress here. A whole book is too much to post and, besides, I don’t want to leave a whole book online least of all when it is not final.